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Vegan Ethiopian dinner in NYC

Vegan Ethiopian dinner in NYC

Heading to Brooklyn to see neutral milk hotel!!!


Sir Nicholas Winton is a humanitarian who organized a rescue operation that saved the lives of 669 Jewish Czechoslovakia children from Nazi death camps, and brought them to the safety of Great Britain between the years 1938-1939.

After the war, his efforts remained unknown. But in 1988, Winton’s wife Grete found the scrapbook from 1939 with the complete list of children’s names and photos. Sir Nicholas Winton is sitting in an audience of Jewish Czechoslovakian people who he saved 50 years before.


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Firefly music fest in 2 days!!! Who else is going?

Watermelon breakfast

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My next automobile

My next automobile

Yup definitely can’t have muscles eating only 10% (vegan!) protein..

Yup definitely can’t have muscles eating only 10% (vegan!) protein..

veganonabike24 said: What kind of fitness are you enjoying? Are you going to the gym?

 After not doing much all winter, as the weather gets warmer, I’m playing tennis about 3 times a week for 2-3 hours at a time.  I love tennis, so I don’t even really consider it working out because it’s so much fun!  I’m going to try and start lifting weights more often as well just to prove that it’s possible to have muscles eating mostly fruit (but where do you get your protein? i hate that question! haha).  Also some times I bust out 100 squats, or 50 pushups, or 50 pullups.  Any one of those takes about 5 minutes depending on your fitness level.  I usually do one of those 5 minute workout while I’m waiting for my rice to cook, as I’m impatient, and it makes the time go by faster haha. 

veganonabike24 said: Hey! When my meal consists only of fruit, my stomach says-i`m so full, but my brain still shouts-i`m hungry! And there is no difference how slowly i eat or how much fruit i eat in one meal. I guess, that`s because of the high water content in fruits. How have you managed to trick your brain?

How long have you been doing high-fruit 801010? When I first started 801010, I would still be hungry for bad food after eating a meal of fruit as well. It was probably due to all those chemicals and stuff still being in my system. I would be ravenous and eat everything in sight! Now a few years into the lifestyle, I find myself satiated after a meal or smoothie of just fruit, although I definitely prefer to still have cooked carbs for dinner.  Maybe it’s just going to take a bit of time for you to ease into the high fruit lifestyle.. Also I like to add some dried fruit to my morning smoothies as they are packed with calories, and the volume of the smoothie doesn’t really increase when throwing them in. Maybe the added calories would be able to satisfy your stomach as well as your brain haha.  I love dried figs in my smoothies, and they’re about 40 calories apiece.  And dried dates are about 50 or 60 calories apiece.  Hope this helps!! :)

i’m just a fruit and potatoes type of guy..